What are your big plans to keep your brand strategy in 2023 fresh? We admit that this is a loaded question for growing a successful business. But big plans require a lot of thought. Your goals should be set around what you want to achieve and that involves visualization. 

To help with visualization, here are 3 key questions to ask to work your big plan into this year’s strategy. 

How do you want your brand’s personality to show up? 

Developing the personality of your business is essential for your clients to get a sense of the brand’s professional side. While you might have already been doing this, you cannot continue to show up like last year. With this in mind, understand that how you show up is more than just your appearance. Your brand personality also includes your message. The image and message have evolved as you learned the importance of being ready to pivot due to the pandemic.  

Determine how your brand personality has matured after you have pivoted. Think about how it might differ from last year. Then, decide the way you want to show up with this updated image and message. Some examples to show up are by inspiring, innovating, connecting, or building.  

Remember that you want to be in control of the visuals for how you show up, as well as the message. To control these, evaluate what opportunities are available for you. Then, devise a plan to show up with a carefully crafted personality for your brand. 

How are you going to connect with your clients?  

As you consider the image and message you want to present to your clients, remember that they are also moving ahead. They are looking at current trends and have a new focus based on current times and technology. It is essential that you keep them engaged. If you have previously connected via a story, take the time to revisit that story. Update your message, so you will continue to connect in the new year and build brand loyalty.  

Your message should start with a strong image and include words that are engaging. Words have become very trendy, so choose them carefully. In addition, think about what you want your message to do. Whether you want the message to build trust, create fun or something else, develop a strategy for how you will deliver this message. If you are using a story or other message form, remember that your message needs to be believable, relatable, and connect with a purpose. 

What will the brand-client relationship look like this year? 

As you evolved in your brand by pivoting with the events of the last few years, you have tried to keep your brand strong. To continue to strengthen your brand, you need to do more to get to know your clients. You must continue to nurture the relationship. This includes being empathetic to their needs while also preparing for how they are making buying decisions.  

You want to learn how your clients are affected by world events, inflation, a potential recession, energy costs, etc. With this knowledge, clarify if your product or service will help them. Some benefits include conserving energy, giving them comfort, keeping them connected to family or the community, or by another way. Knowledge is power and can help you relate the benefits to them while also showing you understand and care. 

These are only a few questions to get you started on thinking big about growing your brand this year. To reach big, you continuously need to keep your brand on your mind. Also, include your thoughts to these questions as part of your annual business strategy.  

If you need assistance in developing your strategy in 2023, do not hesitate to ask how Impact Branding Consulting can assist you. Additionally, we have convenient online courses to help you and your team work on your brand strategy at our IBC Academy. 

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