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Natasha E. Davis “Chief Visionary

Consultant/Author/Speaker/Corporate Trainer/Executive Coach \ Government Contractor

» Branding Strategist
» State of Georgia – Economic Development Leadership Committee – National Small Business Association {NSBA}
» Executive Director of the Target 1000 Campaign
» President of The Society for Professional Consultants and Coaches (SPCC)

Natasha E. Davis – Founder/CEO: Natasha is a Registered Nurse by 1st profession & Brand Strategist by 2nd profession. Over the past 15 plus years she has coached and consulted hundreds of Executives and Companies on using the power of agility for profitable brand positioning.  Natasha became determined to help uncomplicate the most complicated aspects of Branding by simplifying and Normalizing Strategic Planning. She is affectionately referred to as “The Chief Visionary” by her clients and business community.

Natasha’s current published books are entitled “Get Grounded; Stay Grounded”,  “Unleash Your Millionaire Mindset and Build Your Brand…#BeUnleashed” and “25 Valuable Golden Nuggets to Start, Stabilize & Scale any Business”. Her Books may be found on Amazon, Xlibris and Barnes and Noble-Online.

Natasha developed and launched the predictive model CRM tool for consultants, The Profit Enhancer Analysis in 2019. She has been Awarded as the Entrepreneur & Executive Professional of the 2011 Year, Excellence In Marketing in 2013, The Lifetime Achievement Award by President Barack Obama in 2016 & appointed as the State of Georgia Small Business Economic Development Leadership Committee member by the National Small Business Association (NSBA) in 2019. Awarded with the Home Office Business Achievement Award by the Atlanta Business League in 2020 and Most recently she became a certified SCORE Mentor and featured in a Docuseries about Entrepreneurship called “Big Grit” produced by Infusion Soft by Keap. {Watch the Featured Series Here https://youtu.be/Kwp8fbRdcyI  }

You may book Natasha for speaking engagements, interviews and training or learn more about how Impact Branding Consulting can support your brand positioning by contacting us via email at [email protected]

Natasha Davis


Epiphany Bautista Operations Manager
Epiphany brings over 10 years of executive assistance, project management, customer relations, community relations and operations management skills to IBC. She oversees the quality of service delivery, daily operations, project management, customer relations and community engagement for Impact Branding.

Alysson Mejia  Marketing Manager 
Alysson brings over 5 years of public relations, digital marketing, graphic design and digital communications skills to IBC. She manages the development and distribution of correspondence for marketing and media engagement for the company.

Wess Walters Video Production Engineer
Wess is a Video Production & Mass Communications Expert with a creative edge and detailed eye. He brings 12 plus years of video production, mass media production & digital marketing to the team. Wess oversees and manages Video Production for Impact Branding.

Audra Gerger Content Developer
Audra brings strong content development and copyediting skills with nearly 20 years of technical experience to the team. Audra manages all email marketing and content development for customer accounts for Impact Branding Consulting.

Danika Liquigan – IT Manager 

Danika brings strong IT and Web development skills to IBC. With over 10 years of experience, she oversees and manages all of the companies  IT infrastructure and website management for Impact Branding.

Cynthia McQueenie Customer Relationship Manager
Cynthia brings strong organizational and interpersonal skills with nearly 40 years of business and administrative techniques to the team. Cynthia oversees all customer accounts and customer relationship for Impact Branding Consulting.

David Walker Esq. Company Legal Representative
David brings over 20 years of business law experience to the team. He has worked with top law firms prior to starting his own rapidly growing law firm.
David is a strong proponent of doing business the right way the first time. His belief that business owners need to focus on the growth of their business makes him the perfect fit for our team.

Branding Consulting Firm equipped with Strategists, Marketing Specialists, Executive Coaches, Project Managers, Technology Experts and Leadership Development Specialists. We specialize in streamlining day to day operations so that there is better performance and efficiency.

Our Goal is to align the performance of the company with the vision of the leader.

Impact Branding Consulting, Inc is comprised of a multi disciplinary team of professionals with a diverse background of expertise. The team works collaboratively to help companies identify their performance gaps, vulnerabilities and underutilized strengths. We then develop a customized strategic plan of action to close all performance gaps and outline tangible steps to capitalize on all strengths.

Our Super Power is our proprietary predictive model software that provides qualitative and quantitative data for each client. This allows us to develop laser focused plans of action solely around solutions and results.

Our approach to strategic planning and our super power, positions our clients on the paths that are least resistant. This makes the experience painless, cost effective and exciting.  We are committed to making sure No GOOD Brand is Left Behind!

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