Discovery Assessment

A Discovery Assessment is a complete and comprehensive evaluation of your current needs and opportunities for your company brand that are not being taken advantage of.  During the assessment  you and your strategist will discuss and explore the depths of those current goals desired. Your strategist will ask pertinent questions for clarity on the daily operations of your business and the current infrastructure as well as challenges preventing the company from moving forward.  The six key areas that will be discussed are the following:

    1. Confidential Mastermind Session to Explore your Top Areas of Focus in sequence of execution for Success
    2. Explore the current Market Opportunities and Needs in order to make the next Steps Strategic and Profitable
    3. Assess your current Brand Equity and Brand Position
  1. Assess for current performance and company GAPS then Explore and outline options for Improvement
  2. Assess the Five Core Business Processes and explore areas for Improved Efficiency
  3. Evaluate a current Challenge interrupting the company’s growth and discuss Efficient and Effective Solutions to eliminate those challenges
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