Natasha & the IBC team have helped me build a strong & solid foundation for Sierra Nurse Consulting. After the first year of working with them my net income rose from 1.5% to 78%

B. Czarnik, CEO

We started coaching because my company needed structure and a better understanding of our brand and target audience. We lacked a sound business plan and needed to learn where we were losing money and how to better streamline ways to earn more.

Through my coaching, I have a better understanding of the immediate direction we need to take as a business with regard to our target audience, overall plan, and the persona of our business that we want our potential clients to remember. Because of the BeUnleashed Coaching program,

I am on fire! I have a better understanding of general business practices. I feel now that we are not just entrepreneurs, but CEOs. We have redirected our efforts in ways that will definitely generate more revenue in 2017. The things I enjoy most about working with you, is your positive energy, your willingness to share your knowledge and experiences. This program is exactly what I needed. It has truly been a blessing. Thank you!

CEO of The After Taste Catering, LLC

“Chief Visionary” describes Natasha perfectly. I would like to add to that “Woman of Action” because that is the difference between visionary and dreamer. It is inspiring to work with someone who really understands that.

I’ve worked with Natasha for several years through my Work-Based Learning Program at Shiloh High School. She’s one of my best employers! She very resourceful, hard-working, and a great mentor for my students. I am so happy to have her as a business contact!

Mrs. Davis has opened my business to new and exciting horizons. She has been actively engaged with my company from its start. She bring expert business, financial, and networking advise that’s applicable, not just weighty words. I’m moving forward as you read this statement and foresee Mrs. Davis business as a lasting relationship and look forward to working with her on future projects.

Working with you help me to understand myself better. I operate so differently from any time in the past, it was tremendously helpful to get a handle all that’s different. I am still figuring that out, noting what’s working and what still wants to be adjusted or redesigned. Putting some process into my happy chaos has been satisfying, for sure.

Pennsylvania, PA

I was a recent guest on Natasha’s radio program and was impressed with her style and warmth. She is a woman of integrity with strong business ethics, drive and determination. It is obviously her joy to bring small business owners together in such a way that is mutually beneficial to all. It is my pleasure to recommend her as a radio host an entrepreneur.

Natasha & the IBC team have been an invaluable part of the Georgia Nurses Association. This organization is better off because of their work.

M. Downs, CEO

I joined the Impact Branding “BeUnleashed” Executive Coaching Program to gain a better understanding of the infrastructure needed to build out and to run a successful revenue generating Women’s Empowerment Group. I was not clear on what additional products and/or services that I should offer to my existing business professional clients and what services I should focus on to attract new clients. The coaching program has helped me to define and refine the products and services being offered to the professional women through Shana Shell Enterprises Women’s Empowerment Group.

CEO of Shana Shell Enterprises, LLC

Hello my name is Cassandra Reese, and I’m being mentored by Natasha Bowen. I first met Natasha at the business meeting class in Conyers about a month prior to her becoming my mentor on July 27, 2009. I was so drawn to her knowledge of God’s word so I said to myself I can really grow in God’s Word being mentored by someone so knowledgeable about his word. Therefore I called her and asked her if she would be my mentor she said I will get back to you after I pray about it. I was impressed by her decision to pray before she could give me an answer. You can imagine how excited I was when she said yes. Natasha has challenged me in areas where I was insecure, unsure of my goals and just afraid to come out of my comfort zone. She has inspired me to achieve those goals I didn’t think were achievable at such a late stage in my life. But with God on your side and a great mentor all things are possible.

Thanks to Natasha encouraging me and sharing the knowledge God has put in her, I am in walking with confidence. Thank you Natasha for staying and listening to God.

Natasha helped me with marketing and PR for my children’s book. In just 1 month, Natasha coordinated and arranged 2 publicity events and an author interview – something I could not have done myself.

Natasha has been extremely professional and results oriented, and has outstanding interpersonal skills. A great strategic thinker, she’s guided me as a coach, followed through and been focused on only one objective – increasing visibility for my book and for me as an author. She’s always kept her word, been prompt with communications and still keeps in touch – long after our “contract” is over. That stands testimony to the fact that she doesn’t merely treat people as clients but endeavors to build long lasting professional relationships.

Without a doubt, her progressive thinking and drive will empower any organization to success. I highly recommend Natasha as an invaluable addition to any team or organization.

Natasha is a woman of integrity and great faith. she is driven and uplifting. as a CEO and founder of Impact Brand Consulting, LLC, Natasha is affecting change in our community.

Co-Owner | Glow Magazine, Inc.

My experience with Impact Branding Consulting was extremely well served. I took advantage of the Business Consulting service and I learned so much in the one hour intro business consults that had to contract Natasha’s full services. She really is the “Chief Visionary”. I witnessed her take my vision and mold it into something that I could actually see. Natasha, thank you!

Fort Lauderdale, FL

I started coaching with Natasha as I wanted guidance and accountability in strategic steps to grow my business. My business had recently gone through significant changes…having challenges balancing my responsibilities as a CEO..Working with Natasha helped me to focus on the most strategic goals… overcome key limitations, securing corporate contracts, & marketing strategies. I really enjoyed her high energy, laser focus, and attention to detail. I highly recommend her services to growing entrepreneurs!

CEO of Empowered Nutrition

The Women’s Tea social was a very inspiring event. To see so many women & entrepreneurs coming together was beautiful. Attending the event gave me a sense of hope. All women don’t be afraid to go for your dreams. Thanks Natasha can’t wait for the next event.

I like Miss Natasha because she is there when I need her. I really don’t have a mother in my life so she takes that roles and she shows me what a lady should be; from what I have been told and shown. She teaches me new things all the time. Miss Natasha is pretty and smart. I hope to one day make her proud of me and what she has shown me will be useful in my everyday life.

I found that teaming with Natasha for advice as I was moving forward with the structure of my new company, in the various functions that I wanted to be able to perform was great. Listening and observing to what she was doing has help me tremendously.

Natasha is an extremely focused and talented consultant. She is a master at strategy and has amazing ideas to help develop and improve a business.

I am happy to recommend Natasha Davis. She displays passion not only for her products and services, but for your own as well. She’s a professional with a caring demeanor, and is truly an authentic individual, a rare gem.

Natasha Davis-Bowen is one of those extraordinary human beings whose vision and mission is entirely in service of transforming human lives.  Her selfless approach, her unflinching commitment in the face of adversity, and her personal example of living which she advocates, is inspiring and motivational. It brings the promise of new possibilities into hardcore reality. It is undeniably real, and thus achievable, beyond self doubt and social constraints. I have worked with her over there past few months in life and death situations, had the privilege of her personal coaching and the privy of hearing her speak and act on her convictions, her goals, and her ministry.

When she asked me to support her in her efforts to reach Oprah Winfrey’s staff, to share with America the work she was doing, I was inspired by her dream. I cannot say enough about the true love, devotion, and capability to achieve that this young national/international leader possesses. May this testimonial serve to touch the hearts of those who read it–– and inquire further, for the benefit of not only their lives–– but for all the lives that will be touched as a result.

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