Successful businesses know they need to tell a great brand story to thrive. The best stories help with growing the business, building loyalty and encouraging followers to share the brand with others. But what goes into making your brand story great? 

To be a successful business with a strong brand, here are key features a great brand story should have: 

Understand your target audience. 

For a branded story to be great, it must connect with your target audience. For that to happen, you must clearly understand your target audience. You must know why they buy from you and what keeps them loyal to your brand. Additionally, when your target audience believes you understand them, it helps to increase your credibility and their trust. 

Know the problems your brand solves. 

A key to growth is attracting new and repeat customers. When crafting an amazing story about your brand, you must include how your brand solves a problem your customers have and why they need your brand to solve it. It must clearly communicate the benefits your customers will receive and why you are better than your competition. Think about how to show them you are their hero, and how your brand can improve their lives for the better. 

Be clear about the purpose of your brand story. 

It is not only a story you are telling about your brand. Your story provides the perfect opportunity to share your theme or purpose for why your company exists. You must include the purpose of the story and tie that purpose with your brand. Remember that your brand, story, and mission are reflected in your target customers’ behaviors and touch points. 

Be genuine and connect emotionally in your message. 


Your story must be authentic, so it doesn’t just attract attention but also shows transparency and builds trust. Understand that people don’t want to hear all about success. They want the truth about the ups and downs of your journey. Your story must connect with your target audience on an emotional level. It must compel them in a way that goes deeper than only serving a want or need. You must be able to humanize your brand. By humanizing, you are invoking feelings that help inspire and trigger loyalty.  

Engage and reach your customers at every stage of their journey.  

Your brand must consistently engage. This might start with your marketing, but this is only the start of your presence. You must have consistency across all your branding efforts and strategies. This is especially true of your story. Consider how you can use your brand story to continue to engage at every touch point in your customer’s journey. Furthermore, each part of your story must be well understood as well as meaningful. 

Determine an approach for crafting a great brand story. 

In summary, a great brand story combines both facts and feelings to create a colorful narrative. It resonates with your customers and speaks to their values. But crafting a compelling story is not always easy. 

There are different approaches you can take. One way is to focus on your origins and how your company has evolved. Another way is to focus on the personalities of your customers.  

Impact Branding Consulting can help you and your team determine the best approach to create a great brand story for your business. Contact us to learn more.

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