Start Making the R.E.I.T Move to find Solutions to Business Problems Faster

Have you ever experienced the feeling of going no where during a team meeting or brainstorming session designed to find a solution to a problem?  The moment where you realize that you guys are going around and around and around…but never reaching anywhere?


I have! And I was tired of it. So I developed a simple, precise and quick method to find solutions faster and more efficiently. I evaluated many of the other available process systems to see what they had and what they did not have. Through that, I developed the “R.E.I.T Move Model”The R.E.I.T Model is designed to evaluate a challenge or problem, quickly evaluate why the problem or challenge exists and then outline no more than the top 5 steps to correct and address the problem or challenge


The R.E.I.T Model complements those extensive systems that are in place. In addition, the R.E.I.T Model doesn’t take a long time to process through. This can be done in as little as 30 mins or for larger teams it may take up to 2 hours. The R.E.I.T Model has also been adopted as the system of choice.

So! What does R.E.I.T means and how does it work? R.E.I.T stands for Reduce, Eliminate, Initiate, Transfer. When the team,consultant or organization identifies the main problem the work begins.

Here’s an example of applying the R.E.I.T Move Model

The initial report states: Customers are not being served well because they are not receiving their product on time. Emails are not going out in a timely fashion and some people on the team always know what’s going on while others never know what’s happening until the very last minute

The Actual Problem: Poor Team Communication

The Best Solution: Develop a Cohesive level of Communication within the team

 ~ Reduce: Incomplete or Absent Communication
How?  1) Develop a standard group email and group text folder
2) Start using a team communication software
3) Send emails and text messages immediately to the team via the group folder

 ~ Eliminate:  Waiting or Expecting someone else to send information
How? 1) Develop an accountability system
2) Each person needs to increase their level of self accountability

 ~ Initiate: A Standard Communication Matrix
How? 1) Develop a mutually agreed upon method of communication
2) Have a standard time for daily or weekly team update meetings
3) Outline this as an official business process

 ~ Transfer: Lack of Ownership
How? 1) Designate a Lead person in pertinent areas, hold them accountable
2) Ask the team to state what they understand the next steps

As you can see the initial report was surrounding the outcome of the actual problem. When applying the R.E.I.T Move Model, it is important to ask to questions with depth in order to arrive to what the actual problem is and not just the result of the problem. If the questions of depth weren’t asked, the problem would have been assumed to be poor customer service; when that was not it.

Many of you may be asking by now, why can we only outline no more than 5 steps? That’s an excellent question! The goal is to find quick and efficient solutions that can be implemented. If you’re given unlimited options to use and explore, then you’ll make excuses for why and how, as opposed to real solutions. This puts demands on the brain and the team to think deep, be transparent and be honest.

One thing that will be a collective goal among the team is that all parties genuinely want a solution, so the R.E.I.T Move Model removes room for further delays. Once you’ve completed your R.E.I.T Model you can either proceed to implementation or apply it to your other process system, but instead of starting from scratch you have a foundation to build on.

I hope you’ve found value in this information. Apply the R.E.I.T Move and enjoy finding solutions faster. Visit www.ImpactYourBrand.Gr8.com for more valuable tips and techniques.
Authored By: The Chief Visionary, Natasha Davis
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