Why Now is the Time to Boost Your Trucking Brand

All industries use branding to reach their customers– and with more heads turning

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to the trucking industry in recent times, it is important to ensure your potential clients and future employees know where and how to find you.

Fashion companies sell merchandise by appealing to people with specific lifestyles, restaurants attract local customers by offering flavors of the region, and trucking businesses need to establish their brands as the need for (and cost of) transportation continues to increase across the nation.


Branding can improve the annual revenue of all types of businesses within the trucking industry, including hot shot trucking, electric trucking, tow trucking, and even trucking driving schools. Although a trucking company’s audience is typically commercial businesses, the exact target for your specific clientele will differ depending on your business’s services, locations, abilities, and expertise. 


According to Business Insider, the U.S. trucking industry is worth $700 billion and truckers are responsible for transporting about 70% of purchased goods around the country– that means there is plenty of market share to compete for. 


As an industry, trucking jobs are comprised of 40 percent of minorities, despite holding only 6% of employed Americans, meaning now is an especially opportune time to bring attention to the industry and your trucking business. In today’s current reality and media climate, it is essential to do so in the right ways– and branding can help you do so.


Positioning your brand can:


  • Promote your trucking company for hire across businesses you wish to work with 
  • Establish your company as a top employer for future and potential candidates 
  • Position your brand as a leader in best practices, training and safety protocol for the entire industry
  • Share messages on how your company contributes to and responds to larger stories, national crises and local communities
  • Create familiarity among consumers and clients on the road and online

Appropriate branding can also prepare you to stand out and bring awareness to your company at conferences such as the American Truck Association’s Management Conference & Exhibition or the Technology & Maintenance Council’s Vehicle Electrical Architecture & Fleet Benchmarking Congress


By gaining control over your trucking brand, you will control how your company is seen. This allows you to effectively compete with other companies, and directly increase your bottom line. 


If your brand needs a boost, schedule a Power Chat with Impact Branding Consulting, Inc., by visiting https://impactbrandingconsulting.org/.

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