Know the Purpose of the Three Relationships in Business


In business, relationships matter!

However, each type of business relationship has a specific purpose for engagement. Knowing how to effectively market to each audience group starts with knowing how to effectively manage each type of these relationships and understanding the intended outcome for the engagement.

Often times, a business is asked who do you do business with, B2B, B2C or B2G? Some companies engage with all three of the audience groups and others only engage one of the groups.

When a company is focused on developing Business to Business {B2B}, Business to Customer {B2C} or Business to Government {B2G} relationships, they must know what the group needs and wants. Once this is clearly understood the engagement will be way more effective and more profitable for all parties involved.

Our Chief Visionary, Natasha E. Davis has outlined and educated the IBC team on the following and we are sharing it with you, so that you and your team don’t inadvertently confuse the intended outcome for one audience group with another audience group.

In B2B audience groups the intended outcome is focused on Building Tenured Relationships

In B2C audience groups the intended outcome is focused on Building Transactional Relationships

In B2G audience groups the intended outcome is focused on Building Trade Relationships

When developing business relationships to be mutually effective and profitable, make sure you focus on the appropriate intended outcome for the specific audience group. This intentional approach will guide

your marketing, content strategy, packages for services or products and even the way the products or services are offered.

Spend time being intentional and strategic with the development of relationships with your audience group.

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