When you create a brand that stands out, you are telling a compelling story. It is a story that is clear and distinct. It is a story that makes people recognize your brand, trust it, and want to be loyal to it.  

 A brand that stands out offers advantages to a company. The brand is an asset that can increase the company’s value. It helps to give you credibility and position you as a leader or expert in your industry. It can help the company grow by enhancing recognition, increasing customer loyalty, and receiving automatic interest in new products and services. 

There is a secret, though.   

The Secret to Your Brand Standing Out 

Before you can stand out, you need to determine who your target audience is to tell your story to and how you are going to tell it. You must develop this story with all the important parts and make it visible, so your target audience sees it. 

You cannot be everything to everyone, but you can be the go-to in a niche market. Your branding cannot be basic; you must master the development process of creating your brand.  

In addition, you must be visible in a distinct way, where you can tell your story, so it leaves a positive impression.  

To go beyond the basics of an average brand, there are 5 main parts of a strong brand that need to be mastered. 


Your brand identity is the visual aspect that everyone sees. Your visual branding elements include your logo, colors, fonts, website, verbiage and images.  

If the visual elements are not appealing, no one will want to buy from a brand. In addition, they will not buy if the visual elements appear outdated, untrustworthy or boring. Therefore, you want your brand to be fresh, clean, and original.  

Additionally, understand that you are developing a brand identity that will match your audience and the community. If you want to stand out, your visual brand and its tone should connect with and make sense to your audience and community.  

In developing your identity, you must have the best name, logo, products, packaging, etc. You must carefully consider what guidelines you will put in place to market your brand and keep a consistent identity everywhere you are and with everything you do. Your consistency is essential to be instantly recognizable. 

Purpose, Vision and Mission 

Brands that stand out keep their focus on their target audience. It is important for you to understand how your company’s purpose, vision and mission play an important part in serving and benefiting the audience.  

The combined statements of your purpose, vision and mission tell a larger story of who you are and what you do. They share your promises, goals, and values. 

To stand out, your brand must represent something greater in the larger story it tells. It must represent something your audience understands, values, and wants to support. 

Your purpose, vision and mission statements have incredible power when communicated clearly and concisely. This power can motivate, engage, and guide your customers, employees, and the community to help the business succeed. 


How you communicate with your audience and the community guides your message. To stand out, you must control the message.  

There is no room for uncertainty when you want to stand out. You must create a perception about your company that will resonate with your audience and the community. Your message must clearly and concisely convey what you want to be known for and have consistency with what you provide.  

In addition, how you communicate must be genuine and authentic. Your brand has a personality that helps you to build customer relationships that are founded on trust.  

As you develop guidelines for your messaging, recognize that your brand’s personality must be present in all your communication. Developing and maintaining a personality is an important part of your messaging that creates the power of your brand.  


Brand differentiation is what makes your company unique. It is what you do differently.  

To stand out, you cannot just sell the same products and services in the same way as your competition. Even your price is not enough for you to stand out. Think about how you can be exclusive without being exclusionary. 

It takes a bold step to be different, but it is essential for your target audience to recognize your brand for what it is and connect with it. 

In addition, you will have incredible success with your brand if you can separate yourself as a leader or expert in your space. To do this, you must offer a feature or unique value that your customers cannot duplicate or imitate. 

In reviewing your strategy, consider your differentiation in terms of which buying considerations to focus on that will best capture your audience and show you as the leader in your industry. 


Your audience wants a brand that gives them a better experience. When your audience feels that your company offers the best experience, you are more likely to convert that individual into a customer. This is magic for your brand. 

The experience must be all about the customer. Consider the gap you fill and how your ability to fill it with amazing customer service elevates the experience of your customer. This is an incredible way that you stand out. 

You must be able to go beyond the offerings of your competitors. One of the ways companies are creating exceptional customer experiences is through experiential marketing, where there are more ways to interact with a business in a real-world situation. This type of marketing helps your audience be more hands-on with your brand while learning what your company offers and stands for.  

Look at all the touch points for your customers. In reviewing these touch points, think about how you can do more to help make the experience smoother, easier, and more coordinated. Think about how you can increase participation and hands-on experiences.  

By mastering these parts of brand strategy, you can create a brand that is so amazing, you become the only company that matters to your customers. 

If you are ready to delve into building an amazing brand using proven strategies that stand out, contact Impact Branding Consulting to schedule a Power Chat to get started.

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